SOS Hydration Electrolyte Powder Packets Mango Flavor 10 Sticks - Pack of 10

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Brand: SOS Hydration

Get the hydration you need to power through any activity with SOS Hydration Electrolyte Powder Packets in mango flavor. Formulated with a unique blend of electrolytes, potassium, magnesium, citrate, chloride, sugars and zinc, this fast-acting drink mix helps you rehydrate 3 times faster than water alone. With 50% more electrolytes and 75% less sugar than the alternatives, the mango-flavored formula meets the World Health Organizations (WHO) standards for Oral Rehydration Therapy Solutions, making it extremely effective at battling mild-to-moderate dehydration. Plus, it's independently tested and approved as an effective dehydration deterrent by numerous universities, laboratories and the military. Perfect for pre-/post-workouts, after a night out, a day at the beach, airport hopping, boardwalk shopping, body recovery, indoor cycling, and more. Try SOS Hydration Electrolyte Powder Packets in mango flavor today and experience the difference.
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