RIOBOW Collapsible Rainwater Collection barrel (66 Gallon - Black)

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Brand: Riobow

Introducing the RIOBOW Collapsible Rainwater Collection Barrel, available in a 66-gallon capacity and sleek black color. Our product has undergone significant upgrades based on customer feedback, including improved support poles, anti-corrosion netting, and water outlet parts to ensure solid construction, reduce leaks, and meet customer needs.
Crafted from high-quality, corrosion and UV resistant thick PVC tarp material, our rain barrel is durable and lightweight, perfect for normal cold winter months. With a variety of sizes, including 200L, 250L, and 380L, our rain barrels are designed for large capacity collection and efficient water storage. Use the collected rainwater for garden watering, washing vehicles, outdoor pools, and more, saving you water and money.
Our collapsible design makes it easy to store and transport, saving valuable space. Simply fold it up in extreme weather or when not in use, and reassemble it when needed. Please note, to ensure stability, place the rain barrel on a flat surface and add a small amount of water when empty.
We offer installation instructions and excellent customer service, including replacing any missing or damaged components. Upgrade your rainwater collection system with the RIOBOW Collapsible Rainwater Collection Barrel today!