RIOBOW Collapsible Rain Water Collection Barrel - 3/4 '' Hose 66 Gallon with Filter (Light Green)

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Brand: Riobow

Looking for a durable and convenient rainwater collection system? The RIOBOW Collapsible Rain Water Collection Barrel is the perfect solution! Made of high-quality, corrosion-resistant PVC material, this 66-gallon barrel is perfect for outdoor use. Its unique design features a high-density filter in place of the lid, allowing for easy rainwater collection while preventing leaves and other impurities from entering the barrel. The foldable design and easy disassembly allow for convenient storage and extended product life. The stored rainwater can be used for various activities, including gardening and cleaning, saving water and up to 40% on your water bill. With installation instructions included and helpful customer service, RIOBOW has got you covered. Get yours today and enjoy the benefits of easy, efficient rainwater collection!