Legacy Food Storage Long Term Gluten-Free Food Storage - 60 Large Servings

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Brand: Legacy Food Storage

Legacy Premium's 60-serving gluten-free entree bucket provides a delicious, easy-to-prepare, and nutritious emergency food supply that is perfect for hiking, camping, long-term emergency preparations, and backpacking. With a total weight of 16 pounds and 20,960 calories, this comprehensive food storage supply contains 60 large servings of 6 different gluten-free entrees, ensuring that even family members with special dietary needs have access to food during an emergency.
This gourmet freeze-dried food supply is made up of 6 delicious, easy-to-prepare entrees that are completely gluten-free, making them safe for individuals with Celiac disease, gluten sensitivities, or wheat allergies. The package contains Enchilada, Beans, and Rice (12 servings), Cheese & Broccoli Bake (8 servings), Creamy A La King (8 servings), Potato Soup Mix (12 servings), Classic Chili Mix (12 servings), and White Bean Chili Mix (8 servings).
Legacy Premium's gluten-free entree bucket has the largest serving size in the industry, with serving sizes 1.5 to 2 times larger than competing packages. The meals come in 4-serving Mylar pouches with an oxygen absorber and nitrogen flush, ensuring a 25-year shelf life. The package is 100% certified GMO-free, high in fiber, low in fat, low in sodium, and contains no high fructose corn syrup, MSG, or trans fats. The meals use sea salt and come in heavy-duty storage buckets.
With Legacy Premium's expert packaging, all of the freeze-dried food in this bucket has a very long shelf life, meaning you are free from the stress of rotating and replacing your food storage constantly. Each meal is simple to prepare, with no additional ingredients needed. Just add to boiling water and simmer for less than 20 minutes, and dinner is ready. The package comes in a single, lightweight, and compact bucket that can fit almost anywhere in your home. Get a month's worth of gluten-free meals with Legacy Premium's 60-serving freeze-dried food supply, which has been voted the best tasting food storage in the industry.