Heirloom Seed Garden, Heirloom Seeds - 33 Varieties with Over 30,000 Seeds

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Brand: Heirloom Seed Garden

Embark on Your Gardening Adventure with 30,000 Premium Heirloom Seeds! Cultivated and Packaged in the USA by a Family-Owned Business. This Collection Features an Array of 33 Unique Seed Varieties, All Secured in a Resealable Moisture-Proof Bag, Ensuring Longevity for Your Seeds. The Ultimate Seed Bank for Your Future Planting Endeavors. Trust in Heirloom Seed Garden's Commitment to Delivering Quality USA-Made Heirloom Seeds.
Key Features:
30,000 Garden Seeds – An Abundance to Sow and Cultivate Bountiful Gardens Across Multiple Seasons.
Non-GMO Open Pollinated Heirloom Seeds – Proudly Grown in the USA. A Diverse Selection of 33 Plant Varieties to Enrich Your Garden.
Survival-Ready Seeds – Our Resealable Bag Safeguards Your Seeds' Freshness, Ready to Blossom Whenever You Plant.
Ideal Gift – Suitable for Novice and Expert Gardeners Alike, Aiding the Growth of Your Very Own Heirloom Vegetables.
Freshness Guaranteed – Each Bag's Seal Locks in Freshness, Ensuring Your Seeds Thrive When Planted