72 Hours Emergency Food Rations 3600 Calorie Non-GMO for 20 People

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Brand: 72Hours

Introducing the 72HOURS Emergency Food Rations 20 Pack, perfect for emergency situations, natural disasters, camping, hiking, and more. This pack includes [20] 3600 Calorie bars, each containing 400 calories and vacuum-sealed inside the pouch for a 5-year shelf life. Withstand temperatures from -30C to 65C, these emergency food rations are tested to sustain a person for 60 to 100 days.
Made to be high in calories and low in protein, the food rations provide high energy yet require minimal water for digestion. They are also NON-GMO and vegetarian. The outer foil package is heat-sealed to maintain maximum freshness and is resealable for ease of sharing and to keep unfinished rations fresh and stored without being exposed to contaminants.
The Emergency Food Rations have a pleasant, bearable taste like a crunchy cookie with a slight vanilla flavor. Each pack includes detailed instructions, and 3 food bars per person per day are recommended for consumption. The rations are US Coast Guard approved and enriched with vitamins and minerals exceeding the RDA requirements, containing no cholesterol or tropical oils.
At 1.6 lbs. (756 g.), the 72HOURS Emergency Food Rations 20 Pack is portable, convenient, and an excellent source of emergency food supply. With this pack, put your mind at ease knowing you have all the basic nutrients and proteins needed for survival in an emergency.
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