Augason Farms Emergency Drinking Water Pouches - Pack of 100 Pouches

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Brand: Augason Farms

  • 100 pouches, 4.225 fluid ounces (125mL) each
  • Use in survival packs, 72-hour emergency kits, 30-day emergency kits
  • Store in your vehicle and at your workplace for the unexpected
  • Shelf life up to 5 years (based on storage conditions)
  • Pouch printed in English, French, and Spanish
  • Use for evacuations, outdoor survival, breakdowns
There are times when heavy, bulky water bottles just don’t make sense to haul around. This is especially true in an emergency. Augason Farms Emergency Drinking Water pouches contain 4.225 ounces of drinking water. Four pouches give you about the same amount of water as a 16-ounce water bottle but without the bulk of a plastic water bottle. A full case of 100 pouches supplies one person with about 72-hours of clean drinking water for drinking, food prep, and basic hygiene.
Pouches are small, flexible, and lightweight, and can be stored virtually anywhere. In backpacks or survival packs, you can tuck pouches between food and gear items or into small zipper pockets. A handful of water pouches will fit in your glove compartment, center console, or even in the pouch behind your seat. The uses for our convenient, go anywhere, fit anywhere—survive anywhere—Emergency Drinking Water pouches are endless.