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Water Filtration Techniques

Water Filtration Techniques

Water is the basic necessity of the human body, without water no human being can survive. It is true that the human body functions on three basic elements in which two of them are air and food; water is the third and the most important element for humans and the nature altogether. It has been reported that on average the human body contains about 60 percent of water and most of that water is present inside their cells. On the contrary have you ever wondered, that water which is one of the basic necessity also needs to be clean in order for you to consume it? As a matter of fact there are variety of ways to filter water in order to make it drinkable or usable. It is essential to convert dirty water into clean water in order to consume it. In context to this aspect, I have compiled eight techniques to filter water. Scroll down and take a look at them!

  1. Boiling Water
This is perhaps the most common technique to filter water and make it pure. This technique is commonly used around the world. The technique is simple, take the water and put it in a container or a pot depending on the current supplies you have, then put it on a stove or on fire in order to heat it. As the water starts boiling, any bacteria or germs that exist in the water will be killed.

  1. Purifying System In The Wilds
This is mainly done out of home and when you have less supplies. Take a birch bark or a bark and make it in a shape of a cone. Make sure to keep the shape together and do not mold it. After you are done with shaping it, you need to layer the cone then. You can either use sand, charcoal, gravel etc. Charcoal is considered to be the best element to remove bacteria from the water. Repeat the method several times by pouring water and layering the cone until the water is purified. However, it will not completely purify the water but will remove an ample amount of bacteria.

  1. Solar Still
As the name suggests, this method works in the place where you have the sun. In this method you need to use a bowl that can hold water or has a flat surface. After this put a cup in the flat part of the bowl. Make sure the cup is weighted and does not flow with the water. After this put a clear wrap on the bowl and make sure it’s properly sealed. In order to hold the objects together put a rock on the top of the cup so that everything stays in its place. After this, put the bowl in the sun. The sun will evaporate the bacterial particles in the water but the water will not evaporate as the bowl is wrapped in clear wrap.

  1. Water Purifier
It is not necessary that it needs to be top notch quality Water Purifier. It can be as simple as a pump purifier which you can use out in the wilderness. They are hand held and are made of synthetic and ceramic cartridge. They contain two hoses one for dirty water and one for clean water which is purified. The pump usually contains a plunger or level that is pulled in order to suck up the water and then it goes through a series of filter to be cleansed. You can even use a bottle which has their own built in purifiers to make your live easier.

  1. Ultraviolet Purifier
They are relatively easy to use rather than other purifiers, the only trick is to stick the pen of the lamp in the water or the container that contains the water and wait for the light on the side of the pen to flash green. When it does you will know that the purifier has done its job and has purified the water. The UV rays which exhibit through the lamp light kills any bacteria that are present, making the water safe to drink.

  1. Purification Tablets
This is one of the easiest ways to purify water. The tablets are readily available at any sports or medical store. You just have to purchase them and store them for emergency purpose if necessary. Iodine tablets are the best tablets to purify water however, they might temper with the taste of the water but will kill the bacteria so that it does not infect your body from the inside. These tablets are most effective when the water is at 68 degrees or higher.

  1. Straining Water
This technique is commonly done in a lot of places in order to filter water. In this method not much is required other than a container or pot to contain water and a piece of cloth. You just need to keep the cloth on the container and seal it by rope after that you can pour the dirty water over the cloth and it will pour down in the container but it will be filtered as the cloth will absorb or block the particles which are present in the water. Make sure that the cloth piece is of cotton and a little bit thick in order to block the particles.

  1. Bleach
In order to filter water, tiny drops of bleach can be added to it. Make sure that the bleach that is being used is home bleach for normal purposes. 16 drops of regular household bleach can be added to 1 gallon of water. It should be set for around 30 minutes before it is fit for drinking purpose. Another bleach which is eco-friendly bleach can easily be found in different general stores.
In a nutshell there are several ways to filter water; however the above mentioned techniques are the ones which are readily used and can be easily executed with limited supplies.

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