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Were the Current Food Shortages & Inflation Really Done by Design?

Were the Current Food Shortages & Inflation Really Done by Design?

(Above photo taken 3/10/2022)
Many people believe that the way that COVID-19 was handled, pumping money into the economy, record-low interest rates, rising gas prices coupled with ramping up EV production, correcting the stock market to curb inflation amongst other things was all part of an elaborate scheme based on an agenda that we may not fully know or understand. The question is, Why?
Excerpts from The Deseret Review:

"How many US Presidents in modern history have announced 'food shortages' before they occurred? The answer is only President Biden.

Yes, our nation experienced massive shortages during the Great Depression; however, they were not predicted nor announced BEFORE the problem. It was only after the stock market crashed that they followed.

Here, we have a different scenario. A sitting US President has information considered so reliable that the population deserves to be 'warned' of dwindling food supplies. Wouldn't that be the information one would keep classified, as we wouldn't want the public to panic or begin hoarding? Journalist Mike Gonzales wrote about purported 'food shortages' being used as a weapon by the Left to promote the expansion of the Welfare State."

How does the current stock market "crash" interact with the supply chain and food availability? We're not sure but it's better to be prepared than scared.

At Prep SOS, we don't feel it our purpose to spread rumors that may be true, only share what we've heard that could be true and urge you to prepare with sufficient food and water stores to last through the next natural disaster. When COVID first hit we sold out of our products literally overnight, as did most of the manufactures in the emergency preparedness space. It took months for the manufacturers to get back on their feet, get their new supply chains figured out, and increase production. Some companies never rebounded (or at least haven't yet) such as Heirloom Organics, and the emergency food giant Augason Farms is not currently able to keep up with demand to keep all their products in stock. Regardless of what happens, the time to prepare is now. That is the message from Prep SOS.


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