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Food Storage Essentials

Food Storage Essentials


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Having the necessary and accessible food storage essentials is a must should any natural catastrophe, civil unrest or even a loss of job befall you, your family or community. Considerations must be made for necessities such as food, water, shelter, fire/heat, cloting, medical supplies, etc. Certain luxuries will just have to be done without in most cases such as air conditioning, tv and internet.

When disasters happen, the unprepared make a mad dash to the local convenience stores, WalMart's and anywhere else that stocks food and supplies. Even if you are able to get there before the shelves have been picked clean, the "non-preppers" may become somewhat hostile and be willing to throw some shoves or punches to try to get the essentials. We've all seen and heard stories of how angry and childish people can become even in Black Friday sales for Christmas presents. How nice would it be to just sit back at home knowing that you are prepared and you and your family can survive off of your food storage for 3 months or a year?

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