Wind Generator Kit 6 Blade Industrial Wind Turbine 24v 800W

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Brand: Basic

Introducing our Wind Generator Kit, equipped with a powerful 6-Blade Industrial Wind Turbine designed for 24v systems and capable of generating 800W of renewable energy. With its professional-grade features, this turbine offers a range of benefits. Firstly, it boasts a slow startup speed, ensuring efficient utilization of wind energy. Additionally, its sleek design enhances not only its performance but also adds an attractive touch to any installation. Experience minimal vibration and enjoy the tranquility of a smoothly operating turbine.
Installing, maintaining, and repairing the 6‑blade wind turbine is a breeze thanks to its user-friendly design. Whether you need to charge boats, terraces, cabins, or mobile homes, this turbine is versatile and fits various applications. Its 6 precise blades, combined with an aerodynamic shape and optimized structure, work together to maximize annual power generation, making the most out of the available wind resources.
The generator incorporated in this kit features a permanent magnet rotor alternator with a specially designed stator. This innovative design effectively reduces drag torsion, resulting in improved performance and durability. The AC permanent magnet generator ensures a seamless and reliable connection between the wind generator and the generator, guaranteeing a harmonious match.
This Wind Generator Kit includes a wind turbine, windmill turbine generator, motor, 6 blades, controller, blade cover, gasket, and a fastening kit. The turbine has a rated power of 800W, a starting wind speed of 2.0m/s, and a rated wind speed of 12m/s. It is engineered to withstand extreme conditions, with a survival wind speed of up to 50m/s. The 6 blades have a length of approximately 550mm (21.7in) and are made of durable nylon fiber. The generator features a 3-Phase AC permanent magnet synchronous generator, while the controller system offers electromagnetic/yaw adjustment with automatic wind direction angle adjustment. Operating temperature ranges from -40℃ to 80℃, ensuring reliable performance in various climates.
Embrace the advantages of our Wind Generator Kit: convenient installation, easy maintenance and repair, high wind energy utilization, appealing aesthetics, low vibration, and enhanced reliability. With this comprehensive solution, you can harness the power of wind and contribute to a greener future.