Tiny Survival Guide for Emergency Disaster Preparedness

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Brand: Basic

Equip Yourself for Any Situation with the Ultimate Micro-Guide Bundle! Get the Tiny Survival Guide in one compact EDC, Wallet Carry, Credit-Card-Sized package. From home to wilderness, disasters to emergencies, this combo provides best practices, tips, and hacks for survival, first aid, and medical situations. Covering mishaps, natural disasters, tactical operations, and more, these guides offer 167 emergency tips, 152 step-by-step illustrations, and 177 life-saving skills. Learn about rapid trauma assessment, stopping massive bleeding, readiness pillars, and much more.
The guide features 57 QR code links to bonus online training, making them an invaluable resource. With a focus on emergency survival and basic first aid, you'll gain essential skills for wound care, CPR, shock treatment, and more. Don't overlook the obvious during crises – these waterproof guides provide critical information.
Share the gift of safety and security with loved ones. The Tiny Survival Guide is not only informative but also engaging and easy to understand. Whether it's for holidays or any occasion, this micro-guide bundle makes for a thoughtful and life-saving present. Get yours now and empower yourself and those you care about!