Sustainable Seed Company Bugout Seed Bag - 34 Varieties - Over 22,000 Seeds

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Brand: Sustainable Seed Company


Transform your plot of land into a thriving homestead with the Sustainable Seed Company Bugout Seed Bag. With over 22,000 seeds and 34 varieties of fruit, vegetable, and herb, this collection provides everything you need to establish a healthy garden. The package includes seed packets with an expiration date, lot number, and germination number as required by Federal Seed Law. The seeds can keep for over 5 years in the right conditions and produce 13,000 pounds of food for your survival and health. The Mylar package is waterproof, resealable, and easy to store in your Bugout Bag. The collection comes with a 75-page growing guide, with detailed descriptions of each variety and tips on seed saving. Sustainable Seed Company is a licensed seed company that seeks to provide non-genetically altered seed to the every-day person. The company's unique workforce includes U.S. Veterans, troubled youth, 2nd chance, and disabled Americans, allowing significant contributions to their lives and community. Join us in paying it forward and support Sustainable Seed Company today.
1. Detroit Dark Red Beets,
2. Waltham Broccoli,
3. Sprouting Broccoli,
4. Charleston Cabbage,
5. Late Flat Dutch Cabbage,
6. Danvers 126 Carrot,
7. Scarlet Nantes Carrot,
8. Snowball Cauliflower,
9. Utah Celery,
10. Ruby Red Chard,
11. Reid's Corn,
12. Straight 8 Cucumber,
13. Black Beauty Eggplant,
14. Basil Herb,
15. Thyme Herb,
16. Lacinato Kale,
17. Siberian Dwarf Kale,
18. Bibb Lettuce,
19. Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce,
20. Hale's Best Jumbo Melon,
21. Old Fashioned Mustard,
22. Tokyo Onion,
23. Sugar Ann Pea,
24. CA Wonder Pepper,
25. Cayenne Pepper,
26. Small Sugar Pumpkin,
27. Cherry Belle Radish,
28. Bloomsdale Spinach,
29 Black Beauty Squash,
30. Waltham Butternut Squash,
31. Yellow Crookneck Squash,
32. Roma Tomato,
33. Sugar Baby Watermelon,
34. Paris Island Cos Lettuce, Romaine
35. 75-page growing guide