Survival Seed Kit - 155 Varieties - (Over 35,000 Heirloom Seeds)

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Brand: Survive Seed Co.

Elevate Your Harvest with the Ultimate Heirloom Seed Collection! The Survive Seed Co. presents a powerhouse kit containing 35,000+ non-GMO and non-hybrid seeds boasting remarkable germination rates. This incredible collection of 155 diverse seed varieties is tailor-made for seasoned heirloom gardeners, preppers, and survival enthusiasts.
Delve into the Rich Heritage of Heirloom Seeds, passed down through generations, cherished for their unparalleled flavor, productivity, and adaptability. Embrace their natural charm, perfect for home and small gardens.
Embrace Preparedness and Versatility. Packed with Planting Instructions for instant action, this assortment covers all seasons and USDA Hardiness Zones. Whether you're planting at home or on the move across the U.S., your heirloom garden can flourish!
Exceptional Packaging for Optimal Results. Each seed variety packet is meticulously sealed in resealable poly bags, nested within a moisture-resistant Mylar bag.
Step Up Your Gardening Game with an Abundance of Possibilities. The array of veggies, fruits, flowers, medicinal, and culinary herbs is astounding. Unearth gems like the Red Brandywine Tomato and Organic Mammoth Grey Stripe Sunflower, enhancing your gardening experience.
Unlock Bonus Benefits: Receive small shovels, a cultivator for effortless planting, and 100 reusable plastic plant labels for efficient organization. Plus, a fade-resistant oil-based paint marker is included. All seed variety details are laid out for you on a convenient postcard.
Harness Two Decades of Expertise. Survive Seed Co.'s foundation is rooted in over 20 years of heirloom gardening mastery. Based in upstate New York, we meticulously handle, store, and package each heirloom seed packet, ensuring excellence from us to you!