Survival Garden Seeds Homesteader 50 Heirloom Seed Packets (Non-GMO)

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Brand: Survival Garden Seeds

Elevate Your Garden with Premium Seeds - Non-GMO heirloom seeds for sustained planting. Carefully chosen from proven varieties with top germination rates for thriving growth. Nourish Your Loved Ones - Cultivate a year-round food source. Enjoy crops suitable for various seasons, preserving surplus produce through canning, drying, and freezing. Abundance of Flavorful Yields - From luscious tomatoes to crisp peppers, a diverse array of herbs, fruits, and vegetables awaits. Plant choices include melons, carrots, greens, squash, cucumbers, and much more. Seed Sachets for Success - Each seed pack boasts elegant paper packaging, serving as row markers or future references. Detailed guidelines ensure seamless planting, growth, and the art of seed preservation. Your Emergency Green Haven - Empower yourself with a survival seed vault. Seeds remain secure from environmental elements within a reusable, water-resistant zip bag, fit for unforeseen situations!