Survival Fresh Chicken Case of 12 - 28 oz Cans - Ready to Eat Canned Meat

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Brand: Survival Fresh Meats

One bite of this savory meat will have you eagerly adding as many cans as possible to your long-term food supply. Unlike freeze-dried alternatives, our meat is cooked inside the can to preserve its succulent juices and authentic flavors. This exceptional survival food has garnered rave reviews from preppers, campers, and meat enthusiasts, earning the title of the "best survival food" available. And we wholeheartedly agree.
With an impressive shelf life of up to 25 years, our Survival Fresh meats are guaranteed to remain fresh for at least 5 years. However, when stored in ideal conditions of coolness, darkness, and dryness, your food can maintain its quality for a quarter of a century without the need for refrigeration. For more information on how this incredible longevity is achieved, please refer to the "How It Can Last 25 Years" note below.
Rest assured that our Canned Meat is not only delicious but also healthy. Crafted from top-notch, all-natural USA meats, it boasts high protein content without any added fillers, preservatives, growth hormones, or chemicals. With just two simple ingredients - meat and a pinch of sea salt - our product guarantees a wholesome dining experience. Moreover, the cans are BPA free and suitable for those following gluten-free and dairy-free diets.
Each case of our Canned Meat contains a total of 13,440 calories across 12 cans, ensuring ample sustenance in challenging times. Preparation is a breeze since the meats are fully cooked. Simply heat them up and savor them warm, or enjoy them straight out of the can if heating options are limited. Any leftovers can be conveniently refrigerated for later consumption.
In addition to its delectable qualities, our Canned Meat offers great value. By stocking up at today's prices, you can safeguard against future inflation. Just imagine the potential cost of meats in 10 years' time!
We take immense pride in our heritage as a fourth-generation family-owned canning facility located in Ohio, USA. Our unwavering commitment to quality ensures that our meats are sourced exclusively from trusted American farms.
Indulge in the exceptional taste and reliability of our Canned Meat. It's a delectable choice for your long-term food storage needs.
  • 12 cans per case | Weight: 28 oz. per can
  • 1 Can: Approximately 4 to 5 Meals**
  • Servings per case:  168 Servings & 13,440 Total Calories
  • Shelf Life: Up to 25 Years
  • Weight Per Case: 26.5 lbs

Each case contains 12 jumbo cans, each weighing 28 ounces, filled with delectable, all-natural chicken that your family will eagerly devour. Prepare to delight in the tender and mouthwatering taste of our chicken , which boasts an impressive shelf life of up to 25 years.
Rest assured that our chicken is fully cooked and requires minimal effort to enjoy. With just two simple ingredients - the finest quality meat and a touch of sea salt - we have crafted a product that prioritizes both taste and simplicity.
In each case, you will find approximately 14 hearty meals suitable for a family of four adults, totaling up to 54 satisfying meals. The generous portion sizes of our 28-ounce cans ensure that everyone at the table will be well-fed and satisfied.
Experience the convenience, deliciousness, and long-lasting quality of our Case of Survival Fresh Chicken, a reliable choice for your emergency food storage needs.
When you provide your family with great-tasting, all-natural meats, you not only satisfy their palates but also ensure their security and well-being through a well-balanced backup food plan. In times of stress, it's crucial to offer your loved ones peace of mind and comfort, and what better way to achieve this than with delicious and healthy food?
Take pride in the proactive steps you've taken to guarantee that your family will always be well-fed and comfortable. While the future may seem daunting and unpredictable, Survival Fresh is here to deliver certainty and peace of mind.
We understand that the concept of "canned meat" may initially strike you as unusual or amusing. We often share lighthearted jokes about it within our warehouse. However, here's the truth—it tastes absolutely fantastic! The meat boasts exceptional texture and flavors that will satisfy your taste buds. In fact, there's no need to wait for a crisis to enjoy our meat; we encourage you to taste-test at least one can before storing the rest.
Let's be clear, we're not referring to "freeze-dried meats" here. What we offer is premium-quality survival food—real meat that tastes as if it were freshly cooked or served by a waiter at a restaurant.
When purchasing long-term food supplies for those "just in case" scenarios, it's essential to select something your family will genuinely enjoy eating. Your body requires quality protein to maintain muscle mass and healthy testosterone levels. During a crisis, lean meats provide a long-lasting energy source, unlike the crash and burn experienced with high-carb freeze-dried foods.
Don't just take our word for it; we have hundreds of customer reviews praising the texture, taste, and overall quality of our products. Your family is counting on you to make the right choices, and with Survival Fresh, you can rest assured that you're providing them with exceptional sustenance and satisfaction.
Chicken, a pinch of salt.
No preservatives, additives, or water.

Chicken (About 14 Servings) Serving Size: 2 oz.

Amount Per Serving: Calories 80, Total Fat 3.5g, Sodium 110mg, Carbs 0, Protein 11g.

CUSTOMER REVIEWS (from manufacturer)
Susan T. - Verified Buyer
"Purchased this for long-term storage, but of course had to open a can to try it. Divided up the can and used the chicken 3 different ways—pollo asado tacos, pasta/chicken/vegetable casserole, and chicken salad sandwiches. They were all great. This chicken is fantastic and definitely does not look or taste canned. Extremely happy and pleased with it."
Rhonda W. - Verified Buyer
"I use all of their canned meats. They are great to have on hand and easy to use. My family thinks they taste great and I have used them in casseroles, tacos and soups. When weather knocked out all our electricity for several days I was able to make several healthy good tasting meals all from my pantry. We have also taken them on camping trips"
Kelly B. - Verified Buyer
"I have been slowly purchasing cases of the canned meats. Tasty and easy to use. Couldn't be happier with the service I have received. The communication is outstanding! Shipping always as fast as possible. Prices are competitive. Thank you!!"
Amy - Verified Buyer
"Lucky to have this on my storage shelves. Gives me peace of mind to know I can feed my family if we run into hard times, and a bonus that it’s delicious and healthy."
How many servings does each 28oz can have?
When combined with other foods, one can is enough meat for approximately 4 meals. A "meal" consists of 1/3 meat and 2/3 from other foods such as vegetables, pasta, or rice.
Why is canned meat more expensive than freeze-dried meat?
Survival Fresh Canned Meats are considered “premium survival food” and cost more than your typical freeze dried foods. The 28oz jumbo cans and the unique cooking method give it the ultra-long shelf life. Most of our customers feel the price is justified with the amazing taste and health benefits.
Do you offer any discounts or payment plans?
Discounts apply for multi-case purchases! Save when you buy 10 cases of our delicious long-term-storage canned meat (enough for over 70 days for a family of 4 adults)
Prep SOS offers a payment plan via PayPal to help afford large purchases (and receive multi-case discounts). Simply select PayPal at checkout and there will be an option to do a quick-approval for financing.
Can I mix the meat with other foods?
Yes, it's easy to add to pastas, rice dishes or just about any other foods you are cooking to make it go further.
Do you have any recipes for the canned meat?
Not yet, but we like to say its “Recipe ready” so you can quickly add it to pasta or rice. It's easy to make hamburgers or tacos and ideal for casseroles.
How can it last up to 25 years or more?
Survival Fresh is guaranteed to last 5 years, but in proper cool, dark and dry storage you could get up to 25 years shelf life without refrigeration. The process of canning the Survival Fresh meat is completely different than your typical grocery store can meat. The heavy duty jumbo cans are filled with raw meat. A pinch of sea salt is added, and the cans are sealed and slow pressure cooked giving it the ultra-long shelf life.
How do I read the manufacturing dates?
Instead of expiration dates on the cans, Survival Fresh has “manufacturing dates” which are required by the USDA.
Each can has the date imprinted on the bottom of the can, however the numbers are a bit encrypted so we have the decoder ring instructions below. Each can has a manufacture date on the bottom of the can:
C 2018
C = Chicken
2 = 2022 year
018 = 18th day of the year out of 365 that it was made
B – Beef
C – Chicken
T – Turkey
H – Pork
3 – Ground beef
* For year 2011, 2021 and 2031, the Year will read “1” for all examples. These codes are created and mandated by the USDA and so we have no control over naming convention. We suggest writing the year purchased on the box.