Survival Essentials Seeds Premium Heirloom Seeds Box - 135 Varieties - Over 23,000 Seeds

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Brand: Survival Essentials Seeds

Survival Essentials Seeds Premium Heirloom Seeds Box is the perfect solution for those seeking premium, non-GMO heirloom seeds. This heirloom seed bank vault contains over 23,000 high-quality heirloom seeds grown and harvested by exclusive seed producers. The 135 varieties of veggies, fruits, medicinal and culinary herbs in this package provide a wide range of choices that covers all 9 hardiness zones. With detailed planting and growing information, historical and nutritional information (all printable), and a guide for preserving heirloom seeds for long-term storage, this seed bank is highly recommended by world-renowned horticulturist and author, Suzanne Ashworth. You will also receive rare tomato heirloom seed varieties and tips for successful long-term seed storage. As a small family-operated business, we plant, store, and package every seed to ensure that you receive only the best. Get your hands on the most complete heirloom seed bank on the market and start your very own heirloom garden today.