Seven Oceans Emergency Food Biscuit Pack

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Brand: Seven Oceans

Introducing the Seven Oceans Emergency Food Biscuit Pack, a must-have for any emergency preparedness kit. This 500g pack offers 2,500 kcal, which is equivalent to 9 bars of 55.6g and 250 kcal each. The pack has been specially designed to provide the highest possible ratio of balanced nutrition compared to volume, making it an ideal choice for those who need to conserve space.
The biscuits are made from high-quality ingredients, including wheat flour, hydrogenated soybean oil, sugars, malt, and vitamins (С, В1, В6, D). What's more, the pack contains no meat or animal fat, making it suitable for both halal and vegetarian diets.
One of the best things about this emergency food pack is its long shelf life of 5 years. The air- and waterproof box ensures that the biscuits stay fresh and ready to eat for whenever you need them. It's perfect to keep in a boat, backpack, or in the car for winter blizzards and other unexpected situations.
This pack has been approved for use by NATO forces and provides enough nutrition for one person for 72 hours. Each 500g pack weighs 1lbs and is capable of sustaining one person for three days. Don't wait until an emergency happens to be prepared. Invest in the Seven Oceans Emergency Food Biscuit Pack today and have peace of mind knowing that you and your loved ones are prepared for any situation.
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