Seed Starter Trays and Domes with 12 Seed Cells per Tray and Tools - Green 10-Pack

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Brand: Open Seed Vault

Introducing the Essential Gardening Tool! Seeds are delicate and require an optimal environment to enhance their water and nutrient absorption abilities. That's where this seed starter kits come in, improving seed germination and survival rates. It's a must-have for gardening enthusiasts.
Effortless and Efficient Seed Starting Made Easy! These cell trays are designed to accelerate growth by providing ample space and enhanced access to nutrients for your seedlings. They are suitable for a wide range of plants, including flowers, vegetables, fruits, tomatoes, and more.
Humidity Dome with Adjustable Vents for Optimal Growth The humidity dome features adjustable vents on top, allowing for precise humidity control and proper airflow during the growth process of your plants. It ensures the ideal temperature and humidity conditions for optimal plant development.
Sturdy and Practical Design The seed starter tray comes with a humidity dome that guarantees the right environment for your plants' growth. Here are the specifications:
  • Tray size: 7"×5.5"×2"
  • Cell size: 1.5"×1.5"×2"
  • Base size: 7.3"×5.6"×2.4"
  • Dome size: 7.3"×5.7"×2"
Package Includes:
  • 10 seed base trays
  • 10 humidity domes
  • 10 clear cell trays
  • 10 adjustable vents
  • 10 plant labels
  • 2 small garden tools
Invest in the Seed Starter Tray with Humidity Dome and ensure the optimal conditions for your plants' growth and success!
These are great seed starter trays.
Unlike the cheap PVC material, our seed trays are made of PP material. This ensures proper regulation of temperature and humidity in the seedling trays, eliminating any concerns of breakage.
This seed grow kit features high-quality clear plastic trays, allowing easy observation of your plants' growth without any interruption to the process. It's a unique design not found in any other product on the market.
Each cell in the trays has a drain hole at the bottom, promoting proper drainage. These trays are reusable and provide an excellent way to cultivate a beautiful and healthy garden.
With dimensions of 1.5" in length and 1.5" in width per tray, these seed trays are ideal for small seeds, including flowers, vegetables, fruits, tomatoes, and other plants.
Package Contains: The package includes 10 seed trays, 10 watertight base trays, 10 humidity domes, and 10 plant labels.