Saratoga Farms Freeze-Dried Apples #10 Can - (20 Servings)

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Brand: Saratoga Farms

Saratoga Farms offers a convenient and healthy solution for emergency food storage with their Freeze-Dried Apples, providing 20 servings of diced apples per container. In times of crisis, it's essential to have a well-rounded emergency food supply that includes fruits, and apples are an excellent source of vital nutrients such as potassium and vitamin C.
Preparing a serving is simple - just add water. These diced apples can be used in various ways, from desserts and salads to breakfasts and snacks straight from the bag. Each serving equates to 1/2 cup dry (13 grams), and every can contains 1000 calories.
To ensure a long-lasting product, Saratoga Farms adds a 300-cc oxygen absorber to each double-enameled #10 can, extending its shelf life to 20-30 years. We recommend storing them in an environment with a temperature of 60°F or lower and a humidity of 10% or less for optimal longevity.
These freeze-dried apples are an excellent investment for your family's nutrition and well-being, whether for emergency preparedness or everyday use. They're lightweight and perfect for hiking or camping trips without the need for refrigeration. At Saratoga Farms, we are committed to providing high-quality products at the fairest prices to help you make the best decisions for those who depend on you.
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