Wide-Mouth 86mm Canning Lids for Glass Mason Jars- 100 Pack

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Brand: Basic

  • While other canning flats are prone to buckling and warping causing a high seal fail rate, the Saffron & Sage Home Living Wide Mouth Canning Lids made of thickened tinplate will not buckle or warp, even when pressure canning. Having that peace of mind knowing that your food is securely stored for the long term is important.
  • Keeping meals exciting and delicious day in and day out for your family can be made easier by canning your favorite recipes or ingredients ahead of time and keeping them stored away in your pantry. Now you can prepare fast and nutritious meals with ease.
  • Canning is not just for preppers or homesteaders anymore. It is a great way to save money by canning your own meals and eating at home more often. Their excellent sealing performance will preserve your canned meals while securing a long term seal.
  • These Food-Grade, Universal 3.38 canning lids are compatible with Ball, Kerr and most other wide mouth mason jars. These canning lids offer a thick silicone interior preventing rusting while the smooth edges prevents cuts.
  • Versatile Leak Proof Mason jar lids that are resistant to high and low temperatures can be used for pressure canning, water bath canning or even to store foods in the refrigerator. They work great for canning batches of soups, meats, broths, or salads to go.
  • We believe that Every Good Thing Begins at Home and we celebrate you in making those memories possible for your family. Happy Canning!