RJ Pantry Freeze Dried Watermelon Rings - 5 oz Bag

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Brand: RJ Pantry

Freeze Dried Treats are the ideal snack for various occasions, offering a burst of fruit flavor in every bite. Whether you desire a distinctive gift, a delicious treat on the go, or a valuable addition to your emergency food supply, these freeze-dried candies deliver satisfaction. Crafted through a special freeze-drying process, these candies are ready to eat directly from the pouch, with no need for rehydration. The process removes moisture, intensifying the sweetness and flavor while ensuring a light, crunchy texture that won't stick to your teeth.
Packed in a resealable 5oz pouch, these Freeze Dried Watermelon Rings Candy are convenient to store on the shelf, requiring no refrigeration. With each bag measuring 10 inches by 7 inches by 2.5 inches, the pouch allows the candy to remain fresh for your enjoyment. The Watermelon Rings Crunchy Candy is a delightful treat made through a specialized process that enhances its taste and texture.
  • Convenient 5oz package with a resealable pouch for easy storage
  • Bag dimensions: 10 inches by 7 inches by 2.5 inches
  • Made through a special process for enhanced shelf life, sweetness, and flavor
  • Light, crunchy candy that won't stick to your teeth
Whether you're seeking a unique gift, a flavorful snack, or an emergency food option, Freeze Dried Treats are a versatile and delicious choice. Order yours today to relish the fruity goodness anytime, anywhere—perfect for backpacking, camping, emergencies, food storage, gifts, or simply for fun. These candies also make an excellent addition to gift bags for any occasion.
Allergen info: These treats are produced on equipment that also processes other candy products containing milk, peanuts, and nuts.