Ready Harvest Parboiled White Rice - 30 Year Shelf Life - Six #10 Cans

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Brand: Ready Harvest Foods

  • ASIAN INSTANT RICE: 100% parboiled rice, no additives added. These are sourced and manufactured in the USA, providing you with the best parboiled rice there is.
  • VERSATILE: Rehydrate parboiled rice by boiling them in hotwater. Use for recipes like rice and corn creamy porridge, banana spring rolls and garlic fried rice. Perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Just have any viand to go along with it!
  • BACKPACKING FOOD, CAMPING FOOD: These are lightweight and easy to carry, making them a great option for outdoor activities. Add to it to freeze dried veggies and you now have the perfect meal!
  • EMERGENCY FOOD SUPPLY: Canned goods are a valuable addition to emergency food supplies. They have a long shelf life, making them ideal for disaster preparedness and situations where fresh rice may not be readily available.
  • PACKED WITH PHYTONUTRIENTS: Great source for carbohydrates for that instant energy! Also has these other nutrients: thiamin, niacin, iron, and manganese. It is easy to digest as well!