Ready Harvest Freeze-Dried Sweet Corn - 30 Year Shelf Life - Six #10 Cans

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Brand: Ready Harvest Foods

  • LIGHT AND DELECTABLY CRUNCHY CORN: Perfect alternative for crunchy foods like corn chips. This premium yellow corn is made in the USA - just the finest and freshest non-GMO corn there is.
  • BACKPACKING FOOD, CAMPING FOOD: Tired of the usual trail food? This is lightweight and you can eat it straight out of the can or rehydrate it. Add it to freeze dried veggies for a perfect meal!
  • VERSATILE: Great for corn muffins, stir-fries, corn cookies, creamed corn, tortillas, corn chowder, corn ice cream, stews, tacos, ramen toppings. Keep it at home as a pantry staple for everyday use.
  • EMERGENCY FOOD SUPPLY: Canned vegetables is a valuable addition to emergency food supplies. It has a long shelf life, making them ideal for disaster preparedness and situations where fresh corn may not be available.
  • GLUTEN-FREE, VEGAN-FRIENDLY: Any vegan or non-vegan can have this. Also packed with carbohydrates for energy, fiber, protein, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, minerals, lutein and zeaxanthin.