Ready Harvest Freeze-Dried Broccoli Florets - 30 Year Shelf Life - #10 Can

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Brand: Ready Harvest Foods

  • SUPER GREEN ANTIOXIDANT: Made with 100% pure fresh broccoli, no additives added. These are sourced and manufactured in the USA, providing you the best dried vegetable there is, better than frozen broccoli.
  • BACKPACKING FOOD, CAMPING FOOD: It's easy to carry, making them a great option for outdoor activities. Add to it to freeze dried veggies and you now have the dehydrated meals for backpacking.
  • VERSATILE: Great for broccoli rice, broccoli soup, broccoli omelette, pizza topping, pasta toppings, keto soup, canned soup, mushroom soup, ramen toppings, stew, broccoli soup and fried rice.
  • EMERGENCY FOOD SUPPLY: Canned broccoli is a valuable addition to emergency food supplies. It has a long shelf life, making them ideal for disaster preparedness and situations where broccoli fresh may not be available.
  • PACKED TO THE BRIM - Indulge in a richer and more satisfying experience with Ready Harvest. Each can is bursting with an abundance of goodness, offering fuller content that goes above and beyond your expectations. Revel in the delight with our servings per can, ensuring that every moment is filled with flavor and satisfaction. Elevate your culinary journey and make every serving count with our generously packed products. Your taste buds deserve nothing lessexperience the fullness today.