Ready Harvest Dehydrated Whole Food Pinto Beans - 25 Year Shelf Life - #10 Can

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Brand: Ready Harvest Foods

  • Exceptional Flavor and Superior Quality - Our snacks are nutritious and tasty, with no added ingredients. We use techniques like dehydrating and freeze-drying to preserve the beneficial nutrients while maintaining freshness and texture.
  • Nourishing Snack - Indulge in a tasty and fresh snack that's low in calories and perfect for packing in kids' lunches or taking on the go. A great alternative to other less healthy snack choices.
  • Versatility - Ideal for daily snacking, outdoor adventures, or emergency preparedness. These snacks can be incorporated into recipes like pot pies, soups, and stir-fries, and can also be stored for long-term emergency use.
  • Superb Value - We provide the best value by packaging our food in a #10 can with a resealable lid, ensuring that you receive the highest quality food at an affordable price.
  • You'll Love Them!