Rainy Day Foods Gluten-Free Soy Beans Natural 5 Gallon 33 lbs Super Pail - 241 Servings

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Brand: Rainy Day Foods

Natural soy beans are a great bean to use in your diet.  These beans are full of fiber and protein.  They are great for making casseroles, soups, and other bean dishes.  Natural soy beans are great for Asian and Indian dishes.  They make great snacks and you can sprout them.  These are a must have for your long term food storage staples.

These beans are sometimes called the "meat of the soil". They are an excellent source of lecithin, Vitamins A, B and E, calcium, potassium and phosphorous. By themselves, soy beans have a flavor that not everyone can appreciate. Soy beans are used in textured vegetable protein, soy milk, tofu, tempah, minse, soy sauce, natto, sprouts and other foods. A nutritious addition to an emergency food storage supply.
Packaging: This item is packed inside a mylar bag and then that bag is put inside a 5-gallon pail. If your pail arrives "sucked in," this can be normal due to changes in elevation during transit. If this happens to your bucket simple open the seal to the lid to "reinflate" the pail, then put the lid back on. This will NOT shorten the shelf life of the product as it doesn't affect the mylar bag and will still keep rodents out.
Shelf life estimates are based on industry studies from sources deemed reputable. Since Rainy Day Foods has no control over individual storage practices, they must disclaim any liability or warranty for particular results.
Shelf Life:  Should be stored in cool dark place- optimum condition is 60 degrees or less- for longer storage. Storing properly in our enameled cans and Super pail buckets, product may store 10-15 years.
Directions:  Cooking soybeans - Soybeans are most often transformed in other foods such as tempeh, tofu, miso, shoyu, soy milk or other food ingredients. However, cooked soybeans can also be used as an ingredient in soups, sauces and stews. To prepare two cups of soybeans for cooking, soak them in about six cups of water for about eight hours. This soaking shortens the cooking time, improves the texture and appearance of the beans and removes some of the indigestible sugars. Drain, rinse and cook the soaked soybeans in about six cups of fresh water. Do not add salt at this point or it will delay the softening of the soybeans.

Ingredients: Natural Soy Beans. Naturally gluten free product
Packaged in a plant that handles milk, wheat, eggs, soy, and tree nut products.

5 Gallon Super Pail Bucket: O084- 33lbs. (14. 97kg) 241 servings