Pikasola 1400W 12/24v Wind Turbine Solar Hybrid MPPT Charge Boost Controller

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Brand: Pikasola

Introducing the Pikasola 1400W 12/24v Wind Turbine Solar Hybrid MPPT Charge Boost Controller. This versatile controller is designed for wind solar street lights or home wind solar complementary systems. It features a hybrid charge controller that automatically matches with a maximum 800W wind generator and 600W solar panels. The wind turbine charging part utilizes booster MPPT technology, ensuring continuous and efficient charging even in low wind speeds. It also includes a stepless unloading function and an external dump-load resistance. The solar panel charging uses PWM technology through MOS tube in series. With two loads (DC output), you can choose from four working models, and the second load model automatically mirrors the first one. The controller is equipped with a custom LCD screen and four operation keys for easy understanding, convenient handling, and setting adjustments. It offers various protection functions, including reversed charging protection for solar, overcharge/under voltage protection, over-load voltage protection, battery reverse connection and open circuit protection, as well as lightning protection. Enhance your renewable energy system with this reliable and feature-packed controller.