Pedal Power Generator Bigfoot™ Bike Generator Stand - Black Model

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Brand: Pedal Power Generator

Bigfoot™ Pedal Power Generator is a pedal-powered electricity generator that lets you harness the energy from your own bike and turn it into usable electricity. You can store this power and use it to charge phones, laptops, tablets, or even household appliances.


Easy to setup and connect to a deep cycle batteries. It also comes with cables to connect to the top-rated portable power station, the Bluetti AC200.

  • Assembled in the USA in Gilbert AZ.

  • Easy setup with your own bike in under 5 minutes.

  • Dual-Generators for double the power outage compared to other systems.

  • Two Voltage ranges:

    • LOW VOLTAGE:   0 to 40 Volts DC  output with peak current at 30 Amps.

    • HIGH VOLTAGE:  0 to 80 Volts DC  output with peak current at 15 Amps

  • Typical power output  for a Non Athlete  is 100 to 200 Watts

  • Typical power output for an athletic person is 200 to 400Watts

  • Max output capacity of the portable generator system is 500Watts.  (at 80V DC 6.2A)

  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty!   (This does not cover shipping costs).