Mountain Valley Seed Company Vegetable Garden Non-GMO 50,000+ Seeds (16 Varieties)

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Brand: Mountain House Food Storage

  • STAY PREPARED with these 16 tenacious varieties of heirloom garden seeds. Each seed is selected for its adaptability to most regions, including areas with short-season climates. Includes an 8-page instruction booklet to help you grow the best crop you can and harvest your own seeds for future planting.
  • INCLUDES: Pea seeds (5 oz), Radish seeds (10 g), Onion seeds (10 g), Spinach seeds (10 g), Cabbage seeds (10 g), Swiss Chard seeds (10 g), Beet seeds (10 g), Carrot seeds (10 g), Lettuce seeds (10 g), Beans seeds (5 oz), Corn seeds (5 oz), Cucumber seeds (10 g), Zucchini Squash seeds (10 g), Pepper seeds (10 g), Winter squash seeds (10 g), Tomato seeds (5 g).
  • READY TO GROW. We've done most of the preparation for you by individually sealing each seed variety within the can for protection. The included 8 Page booklet teaches you how to grow, prepare, and harvest your own seeds for future planting. Enough seeds to grow and feed a village!
  • MANY USES including regular seasonal seed storage, long-term food storage, and survival & emergency food and water storage. Seeds are specially dried, sealed in airtight pouches, and then re-sealed in a large No. 10 can. Also ideal for storing seeds safely in humid environments.
  • MOUNTAIN VALLEY SEED COMPANY has been supporting gardeners and farmers since 1974. We want everyone to experience the joy of growing. Get more seed for your money with this premium bulk assortment of over 50,000 garden seeds.