Mountain Essentials Dehydrated Whole Powdered Egg Crystals 24 gram Pouch

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Brand: Mountain Essentials

Introducing the Mountain Essentials Dehydrated Whole Powdered Egg Crystals in a 24-gram pouch, a must-have for all your cooking needs! What sets our product apart from typical egg powder products is that our eggs are naturally processed, so you can enjoy the full flavor and functionality without any loss of essence. We achieve this by drying our egg crystals at temperatures below 144F degrees, unlike other products that are dried at high temperatures, leading to a loss of flavor.
Our egg crystals are easy to use and prepare, simply mix them with water or dry ingredients as per the recipe's requirements. Moreover, they do not require any refrigeration and have a long shelf life of seven years, ensuring that you always have a fresh inventory.
Not only are our Dried Whole Egg Crystals healthy and nutritious, but they are also extremely versatile and can be used to make a variety of dishes ranging from omelets to cakes. They make cooking more efficient, effortless, and enjoyable, and can be used as a filling meal or snack on their own without sacrificing flavor or nutritional value.
Using our dehydrated whole egg crystals is also a mess-free option, ensuring that your dish will be more nutritious with less mess. Whether you're pressed for time or simply want your eggs quickly, our whole egg powder will save the day.
Please note that our product is shelf stable and has a shelf life of seven years, and we only stock fresh inventory. If you have any concerns about shelf life or expiration, please don't hesitate to reach out. The Mountain Essentials Dehydrated Whole Powdered Egg Crystals are a game-changer for all your cooking needs!
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