MekkaPro SOS Bivy Sleeping Bag with Survival Whistle

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Brand: MekkaPro

Stay Prepared and Protected with the SOS Emergency Bivy Sleeping Bag. Made of 100% Mylar, it's your ultimate survival blanket and shelter, essential for tough situations. Each bivvy bag includes a powerful 120-decibel survival whistle to call for help. Compact and versatile, it's a must-have in your camping gear, bug out bag, or survival kit. Designed for hostile environments, this bivy bag ensures warmth and dryness in the harshest conditions, perfect for cold weather emergencies. The bright reflective orange color ensures visibility from afar. Its durable 26um extra-thick Mylar material resists tears and punctures, trapping your body heat to keep you warm. Ultra-lightweight and easy to pack. Trust us for top-quality products at affordable prices, ready to assist you when you need it most.