Kelly Kettle 'Trekker' 20 fl.oz. Camp Kettle (Stainless Steel)

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Brand: Kelly Kettle

Introducing the 'Trekker' Kettle by Kelly Kettle, the perfect companion for your outdoor adventures. With a capacity of 20 fl.oz., this stainless steel camp kettle is the smallest in the Kelly Kettles range, making it ideal for backpacking trips. The best part? You can quickly boil water using sticks, pine cones, dry grass, bark, or any other natural materials you can find, regardless of the weather conditions.
Designed for 1-2 people, this kettle is a versatile tool that is perfect for a range of activities, including trekking, hiking, camping, scouts, couples' outings, kayaking, picnics, and fishing trips. It is also an excellent preparedness item for power outages, storms, and emergency kits.
The kettle comes with a green whistle that lets you know when the water is boiled, ensuring that you never overheat your water. At just 10.4 inches tall and weighing only 1.5 lbs, it is lightweight and easy to carry around, and you'll never have to carry fuel again!
Additionally, the kettle now comes with an upgraded steel fire-base, which is more durable than the previously used aluminum, making it last longer. You can also add the popular Hobo Stove accessory to turn the fire-base into a standalone wood-fueled camping stove.
In terms of dimensions, the 'Trekker' Kettle stands 10.4 inches tall when packed and has a diameter of 5.5 inches at the widest point of the base's rim. It has a capacity of 20 fl.oz., which is equivalent to 2.5 cups or 0.59L. With its compact size and versatile features, the 'Trekker' Kettle is an excellent investment for all your outdoor adventures.