iSunergy 1000W Wind Solar Hybrid Charge Controller PWM 600W Wind + 400W Solar Boost Charge Regulator with LCD Display

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Brand: iSundergy

Introducing the iSunergy 1000W Wind Solar Hybrid Charge Controller, a powerful and versatile solution for your renewable energy needs. This controller is specifically designed to integrate and control both wind and solar power generation systems, maximizing the efficiency of your setup.
With its advanced series MOS tube PWM charging technology, the solar charging process is highly efficient, resulting in minimal power consumption and a stable system. The LCD display provides clear and accurate information, allowing you to monitor the voltage and electric quantity of the storage battery at a glance.
Designed with both aesthetics and practicality in mind, this controller features an artistic design that blends seamlessly with your system. The key operation function enables easy customization of parameters, ensuring optimal performance in various environmental conditions.
Safety is a top priority, and this charge controller has a built-in equipment protection system. In situations where the wind speed is high or the wind turbine power exceeds the battery's capacity, the controller automatically initiates the continuous discharge function to safeguard your equipment.
Rest assured, the iSunergy Hybrid Charge Controller is built to last. It utilizes high-quality imported components for reliable performance and long-term stability.
Experience the seamless integration and control of wind and solar energy with the iSunergy 1000W Wind Solar Hybrid Charge Controller. Unlock the full potential of your renewable energy system.