Home Grown Brand, Heirloom Seeds, Spring Vegetables 12 Variety Pack

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Brand: Home Grown

Explore the World of Home Gardening with Our Incredible Variety of 12 Garden Seeds! From Arugula to Carrots, Lettuce to Chives, Unleash Your Green Thumb with Culinary Favorites. Plant Your Own Vegetable Garden with 6000 High-Quality Seeds for an Abundant Harvest. Packaged in Waterproof Resealable Mylar Pouches for Long-Term Freshness and Storage.
Harvest the Best of Nature with 100% USA Sourced, Non-GMO Seeds - Uncover the Joys of Open-Pollinated, Heirloom Varieties That Blossom in Your Home Garden. Begin Your Gardening Journey with Confidence and Let Our Included Growing Guide Be Your Companion.
Experience Worry-Free Gardening - Our Seeds Are Tested at 95%+ Germination Rates Under Optimal Conditions, Ensuring a Flourishing Garden. Embrace Fresh Flavors Straight from Your Garden - This Year, Cultivate New Veggies, From Spinach to Onions, Creating Delightful Culinary Creations.
Step Up Your Prepper Supplies with Resilient Survival Seeds - Fortify Your Emergency Preparedness with These Sturdy, Ready-to-Grow Seeds. Elevate Your Garden, Nourish Your Family, and Have Our Delicious Vegetables Year Round!