High Energy Ration Bars - Chocolate Flavor and Peanut Flavor (2 Pack)

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Brand: Qinhuangdao Ocean Food Co

Introducing our High Energy Ration Bars, now available in delicious Chocolate and Peanut flavors in a convenient 2 Pack. Each box contains 12 pre-measured bars, making a total of 24 bars for your emergency food supply needs.
These bars are perfect for travel and camping with your friends and family, and they serve as an excellent emergency reserve.
Our High Energy Ration Bars are packed with features that make them a great addition to your emergency kit. Each bag contains 570 calories for super-fast energy supply. The vacuum packaging ensures a long shelf life of 20 years without preservatives, so you can store them in a cool, dry place without worrying about spoilage.
The bars are enriched with vitamins and minerals, making them both nutritious and healthy. They do not contain cholesterol, making them ideal for athletes, dieters, and vegetarians.
These bars are easy to carry, making them perfect for outdoor work activities. Even if you don't leave home, they can provide you with nutritional rations in emergency situations. Plus, they can be paired with milk, juice, or water for a filling and delicious meal.
Invest in our High Energy Ration Bars today and be prepared for any situation that life may throw at you.
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