Harmony House Unflavored Plant-Based Protein Pantry Stuffer (6 Varieties, Quart Size)

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Brand: Harmony House Foods

This is a great addition to any healthy kitchen! Unflavored plant-based protein gives your vegetarian dishes a "meaty" texture, without the saturated fats and cholesterol that accompanies real meat. The variety of textures gives you a myriad of alternatives to seasoning your food with meat. Put Beef Style Bits in your spaghetti sauce or Chicken Style Chunks in your stew. The UNFLAVORED PLANT-BASED PROTEIN PANTRY STUFFER contains our ONE QUART JARS (6 total) of the following:
  • Beef Style Bits (Unflavored)
  • Beef Style Chunks (Unflavored)
  • Beef Style Pieces (Unflavored)
  • Chicken Style Bits (Unflavored)
  • Chicken Style Chunks (Unflavored)
  • Chicken Style Flakes (Unflavored)
Try them all the easy way by ordering this tasty plant protein bits, chunks, pieces and flakes Pantry Stuffer.
Vegan/Vegetarian.  Gluten Free.  Kosher OU.