Harmony House Dried Tomato Dices (8 oz)

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Brand: Harmony House Foods

Our dried tomatoes jar contains a FULL QUART (4 cups) of fresh tasting Tomatoes!  Excellent for backpackers, RV'ers, or for your cupboard!  Our Dried Tomato Dices are processed from mature, harvest red tomatoes.  One pound of Tomato Dices equals four pounds of fresh.  You never have to worry about finding a rotten tomato in the refrigerator right in the middle of cooking.  Just add a spoonful or two of fresh Tomato Dices to your soups, stews, or other dishes to add the smooth, fresh taste of homegrown tomatoes anytime.  Use what you need and store the rest for later.

Yield:  1 Cup yields 2 1/2 Cups (by volume) or 14 Ounces (by weight)

Ingredients:  Tomatoes

No additives or preservatives.  Non-GMO.  Gluten Free.  Kosher OU.