Good to-Go Dehydrated Weekender 3 Pack - 2 Entrees + 1 Breakfast - Variety

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Brand: Good To-Go

Introducing The Weekender - the perfect solution to simplify your weekend meal plan! This pack includes two delicious entrées and one breakfast, providing sustenance for your weekend adventure. Each single-serving meal is calorie-dense, pescatarian, and gluten-free, made with clean ingredients that are free from preservatives and chemicals. Just add boiling water, and in minutes you can enjoy a delicious meal made from real food, anywhere you go. Good To-Go meals are dehydrated using a traditional cooking method and made with natural ingredients to ensure a homemade taste and texture. They're also lightweight and easy to store, making them perfect for backpacking, camping, and emergency food supply. You can get creative with your recipes by pairing our meals with fresh ingredients or added protein, or simply enjoy them on their own. Good To-Go meals are vegan, low in sodium, and made in the USA, so you can enjoy real food and real adventure, knowing that you're supporting local business.
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