Good to-Go Dehydrated Food Kit Assortments - Summit Food Kit

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Brand: Good To-Go

Introducing our Food Kit assortments that are perfect for adventurers who are always on the go, whether you're camping, backpacking, or thru hiking. These kits are also great for boating, road trips, emergency preparedness, or any situation where you need a quick and convenient meal. With a range of sizes available, you can easily select the kit that suits your needs and budget. For larger groups or extended trips, simply order multiple kits to accommodate your needs.
The Good To-Go meals in these kits are unique, as they are cooked traditionally from scratch and then dehydrated to remove most of the water, resulting in a shelf-stable meal that doesn't require added preservatives, chemicals, or an abundance of sodium. This process ensures that the meals are made from clean ingredients that are easy to pronounce and boast the taste and texture of a homemade meal. With Good To-Go meals, you can savor a delicious meal made from real food, no matter where your adventure takes you.
While these meals are absolutely delicious on their own, they also provide the perfect base for adding other ingredients to create a more elaborate meal. Whether you're cooking for a group at camp or looking to add some fresh ingredients or extra protein, you can get creative and experiment with your recipes. You can roll it up in a tortilla or pair it with a beer or wine for a more elevated experience. It's all about real food and real adventure with Good To-Go meals.
These meals are incredibly easy to prepare, simply add water and enjoy a delicious meal in just minutes, whether you're on or off the trail. They are perfect for backpacking, camping, hiking, emergency food supplies, and survival food. They are lightweight and easy to store, similar to freeze-dried food but with a more delicious taste. Additionally, they are gluten-free, pescatarian, low in sodium, and free from preservatives, ensuring that you're getting only the best quality ingredients. Best of all, Good To-Go meals are handmade, cooked, dehydrated, and packaged in Kittery, Maine, USA.
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