Good to-Go Dehydrated Cuban Rice Bowl - Double Serving Pouch

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Brand: Good To-Go

Experience the bold flavors of Cuban cuisine in the great outdoors with Good To-Go's Black Beans, Plantain and Rice with Garlic Crema Sauce. This rice bowl packs a protein punch, with a complete protein from the combination of long grain rice and black beans, providing all the amino acids you need to fuel your adventures. Even meat-eaters will appreciate the 15g of protein per serving, or double up for 30g. The addition of plantains and garlic crema sauce adds a unique touch you won't find in any other camp meal. Enjoy this vegetarian and gluten-free dish with a fast 12-minute cook time. Good To-Go meals are cooked traditionally, resulting in clean ingredients without the need for preservatives or excessive sodium. Get creative and pair with fresh ingredients or added protein for a personalized twist. Pack lightweight and enjoy the delicious taste of homemade food, wherever your journey may take you.
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