Future Essential Granulated Brown Sugar - #2.5 Can - 24 oz per Can

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Brand: Future Essentials

Looking for a versatile and long-lasting sugar option for your food storage program? Look no further than Future Essentials Granulated Brown Sugar! Available in a 01 CAN with 2.5 cans per order and 24 oz per can, this sugar is a cost-effective way to hedge against future price increases and ensure that you have a reliable sweetener for years to come.
Our granulated brown sugar is nitrogen flushed and vacuum sealed, ensuring that it will remain fresh and flavorful for up to 25 years as long as the seal on the can remains intact. Unlike other brown sugars that can clump, cake, or harden over time, our granulated sugar is easy to sprinkle, pour, and measure, making it perfect for all your baking needs.
With a medium molasses flavor, Future Essentials Granulated Brown Sugar can be used as a cup-for-cup replacement for light brown sugar in all your favorite recipes. It's also a delicious addition to fresh fruit, hot cereals, pancakes, and even ice cream! Trust us, this sugar won't disappoint. Order yours today and experience the long-lasting sweetness of Future Essentials Granulated Brown Sugar!
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