Survival Frog - Pop-Up Solar Pocket Light 3.0

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Brand: Survival Frog

Introducing the Frog & Co. Pop-Up Solar Pocket Light 3.0, a versatile solar and USB rechargeable lantern and flashlight, essential for camping and survival.
Portable LED Light: Transforms from a lantern to a mini flashlight, collapsing to hockey puck size for on-the-go versatility.
Solar and USB Rechargeable: Charge anywhere using solar power or USB for your camping, backpacking, or fishing trips. Recommended to use USB for efficient charging.
Multiple Modes: Choose High, Low, SOS, or flashlight modes for various lighting needs. Perfect for reading, cooking, or emergencies.
Waterproof & Weather Resistant: Constructed with high-quality plastic and a silicon lampshade, allowing reliability in rough weather conditions.
3-6 Hours of Continuous Light: Despite its compact size, this high-performance lamp provides hours of illumination, offering flexibility wherever and whenever you need it.
Phone Charger for Emergencies: Connect to your device for a power boost in emergencies, though not designed for full phone charging.
Solar Panel: 5V
Material: ABS Plastic
Size: Open 5" tall, Closed 2", 3.25" wide
Weight: 5.75oz
Light: 3W LED
3 Light Modes: Low, High, & Flashing
Rechargeable Battery: 3.75V, 1200mAh
Run Time: About 3-6 hours (mode-dependent)