Survival Frog - Paracord Survival Kit

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Brand: Survival Frog

Introducing the Frog & Co. Paracord Survival Kit , a compact and versatile survival tool designed for on-the-go preparedness. Unravel 9 feet of robust 550 lb. Paracord to access 8 concealed survival essentials:
(1) Knife Blade: Sharp for fish or small animal tasks.
(1) Fire Starter: Ignite a fire without matches.
(2) Lengths of Fishing Line: Translucent for swift dinner preparation.
(2) Fishing Hooks: Pre-attached for easy catching.
(2) Fishing Weights: Ensuring fish find the hook.
(2) Bobbers: Guaranteeing a successful catch.
(2) Swivels: Keeping fish secure on the line.
(1) Piece of Tin Foil: Multipurpose, for cooking, luring fish, or signaling.
Crafted from 9 feet of super-durable 550 lb. Paracord, this product weighs only a few ounces, making it the ideal compact survival tool. Whether on a key chain or tucked into a survival kit, the Paracord Kit ensures you're equipped with potentially life-saving supplies wherever your adventures take you.