Survival Frog - 100ft 550 Paracord

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Brand: Survival Frog

Introducing Frog & Co.'s 100ft 550 Paracord—a versatile tool for various needs. With a robust 550 LB tensile strength, this slim nylon paracord is a durable, weather-resistant essential for camping, emergencies, or outdoor adventures. The 9-strand inner core, fortified with 13lb fishing line and paratinder fire cord, adds utility.
100 feet of cord provides ample length for diverse applications.
Lightweight and strong, it handles the elements and supports up to 550 pounds.
Multi-purpose cord with 9 inner strands for added functionality.
Top-quality braided nylon offers durability.
100% Money Back Guarantee for confidence in your purchase.
Utility is endless:
String up a bear bag
Lash together a shelter
Secure cargo
And much more, including life-saving applications in water or mud.
Bonus: Inner strands for makeshift fishing string, shoelaces, or sewing thread.
Weight: 7.3 oz
Color: Black
Dimensions: 100 feet
Diameter: 3 mm
Material: Nylon
Includes: 100’ of 550 Nylon Paracord
Upgrade your outdoor toolkit with Frog & Co.'s 100ft 550 Paracord—a reliable, multipurpose cord ready for any situation.