Survival Frog - 12 Smokeless Hexamine Fuel Tablets

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Brand: Survival Frog

Introducing the Frog & Co 12 Smokeless Hexamine Fuel Tablets—a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists.
Designed for convenience, these tablets are wind and rain-resistant, specifically crafted for portable pocket stoves. Igniting almost instantly with a small flame, be it from matches or a lighter, these fuel tablets make cooking on the go a breeze.
Weighing a mere 2.4 oz., these 12 tablets offer lightweight portability. Enjoy smoke-free cooking as the Hexamine fuel tablets burn cleanly, ensuring your location remains discreet.
Each tablet boasts a long-lasting burn time of approximately 10 minutes, providing ample duration to boil water and prepare survival foods with just a few tablets. Note that fuel tabs may have an initial odor, which is normal. For storage, we recommend keeping them inside a plastic ziplock bag when stored with other gear.
Total weight, including packaging, is a mere 2.5 oz., and individual tablet weight is a minimal 0.2 oz. Elevate your outdoor cooking experience with Frog & Co's Smokeless Hexamine Fuel Tablets—compact, efficient, and reliable for your on-the-go culinary needs.