Freeze Dry Wholesalers Freeze-Dried Breakfast Turkey Sausage - Backpacking and Camping Food - Gluten-Free - Emergency Foods

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Brand: Freeze Dry Wholesalers

Looking for a convenient and delicious protein-packed meal for your camping or emergency food supply? Look no further than our bulk-sized pouch of freeze-dried Cooked Breakfast Turkey Sausage! With no need for refrigeration, these sausage links are perfect for outdoor adventures or emergency preparedness. Simply rehydrate what you need, cook it up, and save the rest for later in the resealable pouch. And with a shelf life of up to 25 years when unopened and 30 days once opened, you can stock up with confidence. Our freeze-drying process preserves 97% of the nutritional value and maintains the original taste and texture of the sausage. Plus, it's gluten-free and contains no artificial ingredients. Don't let the hassle of refrigeration hold you back - try our freeze-dried Turkey Sausage Links for a tasty and convenient meal solution!
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