Enerhealth Botanicals Enerfood Green Superfood Powder Vacuum Sealed 50 Servings

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Brand: Enerhealth Botanicals

Basic Information:
Size: 14.01 oz
Servings Size: 1 Tablespoon
Servings per container: 50
Shelf Life: 10-15 Years
Enerfood Highlights:
100% Certified Organic (Non-Chinese Ingredients), Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan (Raw), Alkalizing Formula, Less than $1 per serving, Removes Toxins, Extremely Cleansing, Best Superfood NaturalNews, Easily Digested & Absorbed (100% Bio-Available Nutrition), Super Clean, and Low Heavy Metals Content
Enerfood Promotes:
Balanced Energy All Day Long, Increased Stamina, Mental Clarity, Healthy Liver, Stronger Immune System, Radiant Skin, and Improved Digestion
Mix 1 Tablespoon in water or non-acidic juice (apple), or add to your favorite smoothie recipe.
Organic Spirulina - A nutritionally dense blue green algae, rich in protein, beta carotene and B vitamins, especially B12.
Organic Chlorella - Also a form of blue green algae, like spirulina, giving Enerfood an even more potent source of optimal nutrition.
Organic Non-active, Vegetarian, Saccharomyces Cervisiae Nutritional Yeast - The second highest source of protein in nature and the richest source of B vitamins known.
Organic Dulse - Seaweeds are nature's richest source of minerals.
Organic Kelp - Also a nutrient-dense seaweed.
Organic Barley Grass - Grain grasses contain more nutrition by weight than the grains themselves, providing a powerful source of vitamins, minerals, and chlorophyll.
Organic Wheat Grass - Is also a grain grass.
Organic Alfalfa Leaf - Known as the most potent land source of minerals. It sends its roots down as much as 50 feet, drawing up valuable minerals and converting them into a bioavailable form.
Organic Spinach - Another rich source of minerals, especially iron.
Organic Rose Hips - Along with orange and lemon peel, this is a strong source of the nutrients that make up vitamin C complex, such as hesperidin and rutin, calcium, and other nutrients necessary to assimilate vitamin C.
Organic Beet Root - Just as spinach, beets have long been known to provide us with iron and other minerals.
Organic Orange Peel - Vitamin C complex and bioflavonoids.
Organic Winter Cherry Root - An Ayurvedic herb to strengthen and rebuild the body.
Organic White Asparagus Root - Another Ayurvedic herb to strengthen and rebuild the body. It is revered by women and also, to some extent, by men in the Ayurvedic pharmacopia.
Organic Dandelion Leaf - Known to build and cleanse the blood. Rich in calcium and organic sodium.
Organic Lemon Peel - Vitamin C complex and bioflavonoids.
Organic Papaya Leaf - Contains powerful proteolytic enzymes such as papain, which are known to assist in the digestion of protein.
Organic Horsetail - Used by herbalists for millennia to strengthen tooth enamel, hair, and nails. It also helps the body absorb calcium.
Organic Barley & Wheat Grass Juice Powder - An even more potent source of the nutrition provided by the simple ground grasses themselves.
Are you storing your greens?  
A complete meal includes quality servings of vegetables. However, hardly any stored food actually contains anything other than empty calories and empty nutrition. Additionally, if you look at the amount of sodium, preservatives, and so on that most stored food contains, you will see that this will undoubtedly cause health problems.
Consuming greens can help with digestion, and not only that, these are SUPER GREENS! Packed with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, Vacuum-Sealed Enerfood will give you the nutrition and energy you need to thrive in any situation.
Where will you be in 10 years? Where will we be? 
The fact is, WE DON'T KNOW. With life's unexpected turns, we don't know what the future holds. What we do know is that we are storing Vacuum-Sealed Enerfood to ensure that we have a supply of nutrients well into the future, just in case anything should ever happen to us. If you love Enerfood Green Superfood, you should be saving some for a rainy day.