Canning Funnel & Strainer Set for Wide-Mouth & Regular-Mouth Mason Jars - Food Grade Silicone - 4 Pack

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Brand: Mason Jar

This Canning Funnel with Strainer Set is a versatile and practical addition to your kitchen tools. This set includes four wide-mouth food funnels designed to fit Mason jars and various bottles, making them an essential part of your canning supplies kit.
Crafted from food-grade silicone, these funnels are safe to use with all types of food and beverages, ensuring that your culinary creations remain uncontaminated.
The wide-mouth design of these funnels allows for easy and mess-free filling of your jars and bottles, saving you time and effort during canning and food preparation.
Each funnel comes with a built-in strainer, which ensures that seeds and pulp are filtered out during pouring, resulting in smooth and clear liquids.
These funnels are not only ideal for canning purposes but also for filling bottles, making them versatile and useful in various kitchen tasks.
The set of four funnels provides you with multiple options for different jar and bottle sizes, making them suitable for various food preparation and storage needs.
Upgrade your kitchen tools with the DeLove Canning Funnel with Strainer, and enjoy the convenience of easy and precise pouring for all your canning and food preparation endeavors.
Experience the practicality and efficiency of these food-grade silicone funnels, and infuse your kitchen with the joys of hassle-free filling and preserving. Whether you're canning jams, pickles, or storing liquids in bottles, these funnels will prove to be valuable aids in your culinary adventures.