Datrex Emergency Survival 2400 Calorie Food Ration Bars (Pack of 10) 120 Bars

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Brand: Datrex

If you're looking for a reliable source of nutrition during emergencies, the Datrex Emergency Survival 2400 Calorie Food Ration Bars are an excellent choice. This value pack includes 10 packs of 12 bars, totaling 120 bars with 200 calories per bar and 2400 calories per pack.
Designed for easy rationing and storage in your survival and disaster kit, these ration bars are tabletized and sub-packaged. The all-natural ingredients in these bars have no preservatives and come with a delicious coconut flavor.
With approvals from the USCG, Canadian Coast Guard, EC and NZ, these bars have undergone rigorous testing and meet high standards of quality and reliability. They also have a shelf life of 5 years, making them a long-lasting addition to your emergency supplies.
These high-energy bars are ready to eat and non-thirst provoking, providing the fuel and nutrition you need to survive in emergency situations. Don't take chances with your emergency preparedness - make sure you have the Datrex Emergency Survival 2400 Calorie Food Ration Bars in your emergency kit.
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